The Story Behind the Shot - Brahminy Starling Snack

Keoladeo Ghana National Park in Bharatpur, India is one of the best locations in the world for birding and bird photography. When visiting, your bicycle rickshaw driver/guide arrives at your hotel before dawn and takes you into the park. After about two hours, after the sun has risen, it’s time to stop for a quick cold breakfast at a small tea hut within the park.

Because many birders and photographers gather together, there are sometimes scraps of sandwiches and other food which of course does not escape the notice of the local birds.

I had finished my breakfast and was walking nearby when I noticed this very opportunistic Brahminy Starling was just about to snatch up a piece of bread. I quickly crouched to get close to his eye level, and succeeded in catching him in the act.

One of many, many great memories of photography in India!

Nikon D500, handheld

Sigma 150-600 Sport @ 460mm

Aperture: f /6.3

ISO: 800

Shutter: 1/400

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