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Peter Dominowski is US-based a bird, nature, and wildlife photographer and tour leader with an international portfolio. He expresses his love for nature in his photographs and by encouraging ethical and compassionate treatment of all animals. 


Peter travels the US and the world seeking beautiful images to celebrate the wonders of nature, to enjoy unique cultural experiences, and make new friends.


Creativity has always been a part of Peter’s life. He’s been a professional musician for decades, and an innovator throughout his career as a researcher, consultant, programmer, and manager in public radio (NPR). Now he has turned his creative passion toward nature photography and leading nature and photography tours.


Peter established WildLensIndia Photo Tours with his friend, Indian Nature Photographer and food blogger Anil Tyagi. Together on our tours, we'll take great photos and make lifelong friends. Please send a message to receive additional information about the WildLensIndia nature photography tours Peter and Anil will be leading in January and February of 2020.

His goal is for his photography to remind viewers to appreciate nature and animals, and take action to protect and preserve them. That’s why his photography philosophy is: Reflecting and Respecting Nature.


He uses Nikon cameras and lenses, Gitzo Tripods, and Wimberley Gimbal Heads.

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